Acts 7

This chapter is one of my favorite readings! Stephen declares through the Spirit an amazing summary of Israel’s history. In doing so he unveils God scheme of redemption, showing how their history has always been pointing to the coming of Jesus the Messiah. As Stephen unfolds this story he also points out how they resisted the Spirit during this whole storyline. Let me suggest a question to mediate on, how did they resist the Spirit in their journey and how do we resist the Spirit in our journey?


  • missliz

    It is also an account of how God acted, promised, provided, etc. so many blessings for His people. With all that God offered, it still was not enough. Hearts were hard and ears closed. It’s a matter of pride and giving up our will for His. Just like today, He let them go their way and worship the current god of their choice. Sometimes we want just enough religion to allow us to worship as we might like and to make us feel better about ourselves, but no more. That might require that we submit our will to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    I love the description of Steven in “The Message” , filled with the Holy Spirit, he hardly noticed the mob coming after him. He only had eyes for the Father.

  • Jerry

    Perhaps they resisted the same way we do — they errantly used their God-given intelligence and free will to “rationalize” that no matter how sinful it was, what they were doing at the time was OK for them. It would be wrong for others but for them it was OK at that time …

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