Acts 8

This chapter now takes us out of Jerusalem and we see how the gospel begins to spread. Jesus’ charge of Matthew 28 is now taking place, one person at a time. As the disciples traveled they shared the gospel! A pattern for evangelism is now emerging, as we go about our daily lives we look for opportunities to share our faith with those we encounter and when one wants to respond to the gospel they are baptized into Christ. We also see another pattern emerging, that the miraculous gifts were given by the laying on of the apostles’ hands. What did you see?


  • Jerry

    What I saw this time was the apparent enthusiasm with which Peter & John went to Samaria and preached in “many Samaritan villages.” This struck me because Peter and John and the Jews would have avoided Samaria under their former customs. Now, they are not only preaching but bringing the gift of the Holy Spirit.

  • missliz

    Speaking of the Holy Spirit, what is your take on Acts 8:14-17. I read several commentaries on the subject. Were the apostles delivering the regular Holy Spirit to the Samaritans or the more miraculous version? What say ye???

    • Artie Shaffer

      The promise of the Holy Spirit was promised to all who responded to the gospel. Romans 8 says that if we do not have the Spirit we are not Christians. What took place took in Acts 8 required the apostles to come and lay hands on the disciples and something visible happened when that took place for Simon wanted buy that ability. When you take the witness of all the scriptures like Acts 6 where nobody in the congregation displayed power until the apostles laid their hands on the seven and then Luke notes the powers they displayed. Like Romans 1:11 where Paul wanted to come to Rome to impart spiritual gifts, his statement clearly implies that spiritual gifts were given and required his physical present but according to Romans 8 we see that they had the Holy Spirit because they responded to the gospel. I believe what Simon saw imparted by the apostles was spiritual gifts, for I do not believe the Samaritans were not saved until Peter and John came down from Jerusalem, for that is what it would mean if the text is talking about the indwelling of the Spirit that we are promised when we respond to the gospel (Rom. 8:9).

  • Carol

    Why didn’t the Samaritians receive the Holy Spirit from Phillip and waited for John and Peter to receive it On some notes I’ve read that it was not an oversight it was said that Peter and John was sent to investigate what was going on as no one had evangelized there. But my question still remains why couldn’t Phillip apply the Holy Spirit on them. ??

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