Acts 9

Wow! Just think Saul, who was persecuting the disciples, is now a disciple himself! Over the years this amazing turn around of Saul (Paul), that we read about in this chapter, is offered as a witness of the truth about the resurrection. For something truly amazing had to be witnessed by Saul for such a drastic change to take place! Paul (Saul) realized this for he retold his story over and over again. We can not be wittiness of the resurrection like the apostles but we can tell our story.


  • katehefty

    I love the story of Saul’s turn around. I often am talking to parents who bemoan that their child is “stubborn.” I try to remind them that “determined” or “persistent” is a great quality, as long as it is directed toward a commendable goal. God saw this in Saul (of course He did, He created him!) and did what needed to be done to cause the change in focus, not in personality.

    My other thought is in response to you, Artie, commenting on Paul telling his story over and over. One of my favorite verses, because of its simplicity, is I Peter 3:15. We’re told to always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks you for the reason for the hope within you. To me, part of that is telling your story.

  • missliz

    Years ago, I had a hard time liking Paul because he was a very “hard man” and his teachings were hard and direct. I much preferred the writings of John, Luke or Peter. I have come to love Paul and understand that he was singled out to be used of God because of his zeal and his single mindedness. No doubt his focus was motivated by his great love for Christ as Christ loved him and a heart filled with gratitude knowing that Christ saved him from a terrible judgement to come. I’m sure the memory of Stephen and others remained with Paul throughout his life. I want to live and speak with that focus.

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