Galatians 6

Two words jumped out at me “weary” and “give up!” I have seen Christians do both over the years, they become weary and they give up and it is very sad. In classical times the word was used to describe how a bow is ‘unstrung’ when the archer was through using it. People can get ‘unstrung’ too. But Paul would have believers to keep their courage and win their reward! I know that when I have felt weary it is because I have been depending to much on my own strength and not relying on the Lord’s strength. One thing the years have taught me is that it is not about how smart you are or how talented you are – it all comes down to how much faith you have to trust God to use you as His servant. For He will fill in the gaps and give you what you need! Let’s not forget it is not how we start that counts but how we finish.


  • Carol

    Thank you Artie for your comment on this chapter. I feel sometimes I don’t understand the passages and I feel bad cause I am not smart. That u said it comes down to my faith in trusting God to use me for his servant and he will fill in the gaps. I needed that

  • Jerry

    Like Carol there are many times that I do not fully understand the full nature of the “words” but I am encouraged that if I use the talents I have been given to serve God faith will overcome my weaknesses. One thing that has struck me during this reading of Galatians is the number of times Paul issues a warning or a correction to the Galatians but then immediately follows-up with the. Ore than action they should follow and the promises we have as believers.

  • missliz

    Well, Jesus did not come so I packed the car and returned to DC via Boston. I’m always so thankful for yet another safe trip.

    My take away from Galatians is that we are so blessed to be truly full-fledged children of God who is full of grace and mercy. To be able to call him “Abba” Father is to be able to rest in Him. We do not live under a law that has no mercy and Christ’s Spirit fills us and makes it possible not to be live under the control of carnal passions that rob us of peace.

    Life does get weary at times for me but the Father allows me to walk quietly through them knowing that He will renew my spirit and energy and give me His peace. I’m so thankful we do not walk through this life alone.

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