1/1/2018 – Genesis Chapters 1-3

Greetings, everyone!   This is Jerry Hiatt and as many of you may know I will supporting the Body in providing commentary on the daily Bible readings.  Now, I will be using the “chronological order” reading program.  So while we will be “in sync” with other folks who are reading “straight through” the Bible, we will diverge a bit after day 3 when the “chronological readers” will move on to Job.   I will be sure to let everyone know the chapters we are commenting on.  The following are my thoughts on Genesis Chapters 1 -3

From the very first words in Genesis we should all be amazed, humbled and fall on our knees at how they express the absolute power of our Lord.  He did not just “add planets” or “the earth” or “stars” to an already existing platform.  No, he created everything from “nothing.”   I believe that this is hard for us to grasp because when we “create” we are taking other ingredients and assembling them.  But the Lord started with nothing and  created every single atom that composes all that we see on a cloudless night and experience each day.    Amen!!



  • katehefty

    Jerry, thank you for taking this on! Although I post infrequently, I read the Word and the comments posted here daily. I know I will appreciate your thoughts and insights. Is this plan on one of the Bible apps for iPad?

  • missliz

    And God said…and it was so, and he saw that it was good. Thankful to serve a heavenly father whose being is without measure. From the beginning, he even promises one who will bring his creation back to a state of perfection.

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