Hebrew 11

This chapter called the roll call of faith put on full display what faith looks like in action! Of course, that is the point that the writer is making – faith is about trusting God and acting to do His will. These men and women drew a line in the sand and were God’s servants no matter the cost. The writer also makes the point that they did not have the knowledge and all we possess under the new covenant, but they knew that this life was not the end game! So, my faith should be even greater because I have so much more than they did, for the Messiah has come and I have the privilege to be in His kingdom! The question on the table for me is – how great is my faith?

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  • missliz

    Like Abraham, I look forward to living in the city whose architect and builder is God. I take that as a spiritual promise and in a new way “physical” promise, whatever the new body means. So little has been required of us to be promised so much !

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