Hebrew 9

The writer of Hebrews now presents his most powerful argument why they should follow the new covenant and Jesus and not the Law. Forgiveness! For the writer helps us understand that true forgiveness ONLY comes through the blood of Jesus! He is the key and answer, for He is the seed of woman that would crush the head of Satan. The forgiveness that we so cherish in the new covenant took place by Jesus’ blood. The forgiveness that took place in old Law (the first covenant) came about the blood of Jesus (9:15). The forgiveness that took place in the Garden of Eden was made possible by the blood of Jesus (9:26). So without Jesus, the Son of God, no one receives forgiveness! That puts a whole different spin on the Lord Supper we take each week!


  • katehefty

    When I taught a high school class years ago I described sin like this: sin is “missing the mark.” Imagine you are shooting an arrow and aiming at a target. You might hit the bulls eye, or another part of the target, or you might miss it altogether. But you’re aiming in the right direction and doing your best. But, if you turn around and shoot the arrow in the opposite direction, that’s the kind of sin that is not forgiveable. You are not aiming at the target. You are deliberately ignoring the grace that you’ve been given. Let’s not turn our back on the sacrifices Jesus made for us!

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