Hebrews 10

After the writer of Hebrews has built his case that the salvation we have in Jesus is truly superior to the old Law, he declares a very scary warning! He declares that if we continue to deliberately keep on sinning no sacrifice of sin is left. It is not simply ‘sin’ that threatens to disrupt our covenant relationship with God — forgiveness deals with this contingency. As shown by the context of 10:25, the author does not have in mind the Christian who becomes guilty of this or that particular sin. The person in view is the Christian who ‘gives up meeting’ with the church and ‘deliberately keeps on sinning.’ Having abandoned the church, having purposely chosen a lifestyle of continual sin, the apostate spurns Jesus and his blood (10:29). So, how does one go from a faithful Christian to this state of apostasy – by the neglect of this wonderful salvation, for this is where one who is spiritually adrift ends up.


  • missliz

    How blessed we are to have a complete picture of the new covenant. Can you imagine how confusing it would have been with the teaching of Christ delivered while temple worship was still going on? Hebrews paints such a clear picture of the new relationship that the very early church did not have in place. It’s good to live in end times with His word complete and the Holy Spirit to instruct.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about our celebration of Easter. Our Lent, if you will, begins every Sunday as we remember the gift of the Son, His cost and the celebration of His resurrection. Our “giving up” is ridding ourselves of anything that gets in the way of our relationship and service.

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