Hebrews 13

The writer as he concludes this powerful letter reminds us to stay faithful to our calling as we serve our Lord. He reminds us that it is our Lord that will provide and equip us to serve Him! So often we look at our skills, resources, and opportunities to determine our service to the Lord. Often we think – what can I do, how can I help? I know that when I begin to think this way I am looking at what I can accomplish, not what God can do through me. I need to remind myself that the Lord will equip me with all I need, I just need to see past my fears and my petite thinking and trust my Lord. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow – He equipped them, He will equip us!


  • missliz

    My comments about chapter 12 apply to chapter 13 as well. God will give us everything we need to do to accomplish his will. No one is more faithful.

    Thank you, Artie, for encouraging us to always remain in His word, for your teaching that never fails to leave us with a question to ponder and for reminding us that it is relationship we are after, not religion.

  • Jerry

    Like much of the book of James that follows in our Bible this passage seems to be geared to the “real world” and daily living. The author includes not only the instruction but also the promise of the help we can receive through prayer and God’s presence!

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