Hebrews 2

The Hebrew writer reminds them and us that if we become lack in our Christian walk, we are in danger of drifting away. What a powerful picture! Picture if you will this painting – a cabin by the edge of the water where all who are inside are safe, warm, and happy. Then off in the distance you see this rowboat drifting farther and farther away from the cabin. Those who are in the boat are asleep and yet they are drifting ever closer to a terrible storm in the distance. How often have I seen this picture take place in a Christian’s life!! They begin to lose focus on their walk with God and they become lazy in their pursuit of holiness. They no longer read and study God’s word, they rarely pray, they no longer make it a priority to fellowship and worship with the body of Christ. Before they know it they fall asleep spiritually and they begin to drift farther and farther away from the warmth, security, and peace they had with God. Then one day the storms of life will hit and if they have drifted too far from God they will find the distance is so great the storm will over take them!

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  • Jerry

    Adding to this thought — when you drift in a boat you move so slowly and quietly that you may not even know how far from the safety of the shore you have gone. That is, unless, you keep your eyes on a standard that can measure your movement away from the original mark. That standard for us is the Word of God, and this is certainly one of the reasons that study and teaching is so important.

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