Hebrews 3

In this chapter the Hebrew writer says that our Christian walk is like (a type) the journey the Israelites made for 40 years as they traveled towards Cannan. They broke away from Egypt and became a nation when they passed through the Red Sea, just as we broke away from the world and became part of God’s kingdom when we passed through the waters of baptism (Rom. 6:2-7). Yet, the majority that passed through the Red Sea did not make it to the Promised Land because they did not remain faithful to God. The Hebrew writer is warning that we must also remain faithful for the whole journey or we won’t make it to our Promised Land! It is not how you start that counts, but how you finish!!

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  • missliz

    I have been thinking a lot about Easter recently and who we serve. We are not serving a suffering servant who wears a crown of thorns. We serve the risen Lord who is crowned with honor and glory and sits at the right hand of God. Are my eyes fixed on the King of kings? Do my choices in life from day to day worship Him? Can anything in life be worth compromising my relationship to the Father? He gives us His Spirit and His Word to help us stay focused and he gives us each other to hold each other accountable. Thank you, Father!

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