Hebrews 5

The writer of Hebrews had spoken strong words against his readers. First, he said, You’ve been Christians long enough to be teachers, but you still need instruction in the ABCs. They should have been able to pass on their basic understanding of the Christian message to others. Instead, they needed a good review of the elementary matters themselves. Not only had they failed to move forward in their understanding; they had lost their grasp of the elementary truths of God’s word. There is a truth that I have learned over the years – if you are not progressing spiritually, you are digressing. There is no coasting in this spiritual journey!

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  • missliz

    I love the section of Hebrews dealing with Christ as High Priest. Christ learned obedience through his human suffering here on earth. Not that He was not perfect but that he completed His sorrow and suffering so that He could feel the pain that we bring to Him. I’m also faced with His teaching on obedience. It is not enough to just believe.Thinking a lot recently about sins of omission, not commission. Do I see the hurting people around me as the Father does. Do I stop to help?

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