Hebrews 8

The Hebrew writer made the case when he quoted Jeremiah 31:31-34, that what Jeremiah had prophesied 600 years before Jesus has now come true. A new covenant had now arrived and it was by far superior to the Law of Moses! Under the New covenant Jesus is both our High Priest and King, like Melchizedek. The Hebrew writer declares since the New Covenant is now in play the first one (Law of Moses) was now obsolete and these Christians needed to understand that they could not return to Judaism, that system was no longer viable. Oh the temple still stood in Jerusalem and daily sacrifices were still being offered in the temple court but soon even that would come to an end when the temple is destroyed in 70 AD. From a theological point the Law ended when Jesus died on the cross and the curtain to the holy of holies was torn in two, yet for some 40 years Judaism and Christianity coexisted in the lives of many Jewish Christians. This is very evident in the life of Paul as it was in the lives of the other apostles. Yes the Law was abolished when Christ died (Eph. 2:14-16) and it became obsolete but there was an aging process, a transition that had to take place before it would disappear.

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  • Jerry

    From our human viewpoint I can certainly understand why Paul and the other Jews found accepting the truth about Jesus being the Messiah hard to understand. Very few of us like change in our lives & this reeviaion was major, challenging the ruling authority for the Jews religious and earthly centers.

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