James 1

I like this article on this text and I thought I would share it as my post today. “William Barclay wrote, ‘In order to attain Christian maturity and holy conduct, it is essential to have a firm foundation. The Believer must be able to stand with confidence. He dare not be pushed down by trials. He must not be pulled over by temptation. ‘Push, pull—stick, stick’ must be his motto. How can such stamina be achieved? A believer can stand by pursuing, perceiving, and practicing the Word of God. Trials from without and temptations from within are no match for a Christian who stands in the truth from above.’ All too often trials prompt groaning and complaints. This kind of response does not contribute to Christian maturity. It only makes matters worse. Trials are not to be seen as tribulations but testings. A test is given to see if a student can pass, not pass out. James gave sound advice on how to score high on every test. One who brings the right attitude to the trial, who understands the advantage of the trial, and who knows where to obtain assistance in the trial will certainly end up on God’s honor roll.” (Ron Bontrager)

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  • missliz

    As with any good habit in life this journey requires practice, practice, practice. God has provided the head knowledge to be used to condition our hearts as He works through the process of growing us in holiness. Through our transformed hearts flow actions and words that are pleasing to the Father. The bonus is He gives us his spirit for the energy to accomplish what needs to be done and a big prize in the end.

    We live in a broken world and because of that should expect trials and temptations. Every one successfully traveled through can produce stronger resolve to walk through the next. It is God’s promise to give us what we need in the moment.

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