James 2

James in this text helps us understand that faith is more than believing that something is true. No! Faith is a belief that will cause one to act. The classic example that James gives is of the demons, there is no doubt in their minds that God exists but that belief does not cause them to act to align themselves with that belief. Faith as defined by scripture is both believed in our hearts and displayed in our lives by our actions! So, if someone observed how you lived your life today what would they determine that you believe? Something to think about.


  • Jerry

    Another important point I think James makes is the pure hypocrisy of treating others based on their apparent economic status. He emphasizes a point that I think we often overlook — when we discriminate we are in effect judging!

  • missliz

    Mercy over judgement, it is what we hope for ourselves and because of that, extend to our neighbor.

    Faith translating to works, is it a natural progression of being transformed by His Spirit making us a new creation and available to be used by God?

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