John 10

What Jesus says in this text gives some insight into the fact that both “free will” and “God’s sovereign will” can coexist, something Calvin would strongly disagree with. Jesus makes it very clear that it was His decision to go to the cross! Yet, we know that it was God’s will before the creation of the world that His Son would die on the cross for mankind. “He (Jesus) was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.” (1 Peter 1:20) So Jesus was predestined to go to the cross and yet Jesus declares that to go or NOT to go was subject to His will! The Hebrew writer makes it clear (Heb 5:7 -8) that Jesus had to submit to the cross and obey God. So we have played out in front of us on the cross a principle where “God’s sovereign will” and “free will” remain intact in the same event. How that all takes place is beyond our ability to understand and yet that is what our reading declares!

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  • Jerry

    Thanks! I had not been aware of the complex nature of these verses but now that you highlight them my “eyes are open.” I will add this truth to the several I do not fully understand but joyously look forward to full understanding in the presence of God.

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