John 12

One of the bench marks in Christian transformation is getting to the point where you are more excited to be with the Lord than you are to remain in this physical shell! Jesus says if you love this life, holding on with all you have – you will lose it. How? I believe you will lose your life in a number of ways. Most importantly you need to realize you are holding on to something that will not last – no one can avoid death! So this love of life will develop within us a powerful fear that will drive everything – that is the fear of death. The paradox is that when you are ready to let go of life – you can truly begin to live life! You can have a life free of fear, for when you think about it fear is all tied up in death. You will also disarm the Evil One of his power when you remove the fear of death from the equation. (Heb. 2:15-16) And when we have served our Lord to the point that we would give up this life for Him – “lose our life for Him” – we gain something so much more precious than this life and that is life eternal!!! The key to life is death!

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  • Jerry

    Well stated – especially the comment “The key to life is death.” While certainly not scriptural I think the secular movie “The Bucket List” captures just a touch of the concept. Two elderly gentlemen realize they are dying and then start to live the life they had wanted. The same theme is expressed in the country song “Live Like You Are Dying.”

    However, the life lived fully in these secular examples was only on earth. We have not only our earthly lives to live enrichened but an eternal life in the presence of the eternal God.

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