John 13

There is no greater example of service than what took place at the table that evening. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords put on a towel and began to perform the task that the lowest of servants would perform, He washed the disciple’s feet! Service Jesus proclaims is at the heart of what it means to follow Him. There should be no task that we are not willing to do, if there is a need we have been called to serve. Over the years I have noted that those who complain the most serve the least. Christianity is not about cheering from the sidelines, it’s about getting into the game and getting dirty. Jesus didn’t perform some religious ceremony as some do today washing a few clean feet, He got dirty and muddy because these disciples needed their feet washed. I found that one of the ways to true happiness and sound mental health – is through serving others. When you are serving others you get the focus off you and your problems and your dark world gets a lot brighter! 

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  • Jerry

    And in these verses Jesus not only models “service” for us – He also models “leadership.” For no leader will ask their followers to perform a task that they, themselves, will not perform.

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