John 14

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” Our lives would be very different if we took those words to heart! In context Jesus is saying these words to His apostles before they face the reality of the cross. Their world is going to be turned upside down and Jesus is saying … TRUST ME! He then reminds them that the end game is not what takes place here in this life, but that there is an eternal dwelling that will be worth it all! The message is no different for us when our world get’s turned upside down! We need to hear Jesus’ voice … TRUST ME! For we need to listen to the calming voice of the Good Shepherd as He reminds us – it will all be OK, TRUST ME! For when this adventure called life is over we will realize in the end it was all worth it!! As long as we continue to follow and strive to obey our Master.


  • Jerry

    These passages restore in me a bit of insight into the apostle’s spiritual growth. Earlier in Jesus ministry they seemed to lack any real confidence in Jesus’s mission & appeared often to be totally confused & perplexed.

    I think that the honest questions posed by Thomas, Philip and the “other” Judas demonstrate that, while certainly not perfected, their faith is growing & they want to be where Jesus is.

  • Carol

    I too when I first walked with Christ after my Baptism I felt like the apostles did like Jerry said here. I am so grateful that’s I hung on these years and am learning everyday to Trust Him, follow Him and try to read his word. To Apply them and try to obey his commands. So Trust and do good Praise You Jesus

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