John 15

Jesus notes in our reading that He is the Vine, we are the branches, and the Father is the Gardner. Spiritual fruitfulness starts and ends with our connection to the Vine, Jesus. The promise is if we remain in Him, which Jesus has defined as being obedient to Him, we will bear much fruit. Jesus also notes another aspect of fruitfulness and that is the on going pruning that is done by the Gardner, The Father. For in the on going process of transformation, The Spirit through the Word and The Spirit Himself who resides in us prunes from our lives that which is of this world, what Paul calls the flesh. And as The Gardner does His work, which is not always pleasant, we are being shaped into fruitful disciples. This fruit will be evident both in our service and in our lives. Yet, if we don’t bear fruit we are warned that The Gardner will remove us from the Vine! Fruitfulness is a promise as long as we remain connected to the Vine by our faithful obedience!

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  • missliz

    What can I do today to grow through the pruning process? I can accept the many kindnesses shown to me with humility. I can ask the spirit to grow my courage and trust in the Father through prayer and I can ask for the patience to wait on His timing.

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