John 16

Jesus closes our reading by declaring that in life we will have struggles but we still can have peace! Jesus also noted that Satan has lost and he stands condemned. The problem is that while we dwell in the flesh here on earth we still have to put up with all the struggles and chaos of the Evil One. The wonderful gift that we have from Jesus is that in the mist of all the struggles we can have peace! See, our peace is not tied into how life is going today but how it will be when we enjoy that eternal glory. And Jesus has given us a deposit that this glory awaits us by The Spirit that now dwells in us!

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  • Jerry

    I see two realities appear in these verses. Verses 7-15 speak of the insight that the Holy Spirit will bring the apostles. And in verses 29-30 we see why the Spirit is so important – the apostles state their belief that Jesus came from God and, yet, as Jesus foresaw they deserted Him. One received on Pentacost the Spirit filled the apostles and gave each the wisdom and strength to withstand the persecutions that came.

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