John 18

What Jesus proclaimed to Pilate is a key that begins to help us understand a number of O.T. prophecies. The focus in Jesus’ day and for many today is to view the coming kingdom as a kingdom that exists here on earth, subjecting its rule on the geopolitical landscape of mankind. With such views doctrines have formed In Jesus’ day and today – that the Messiah will bring Israel to power and Jerusalem would be the seat of power over the entire world. Yet what Jesus told Pilate was that His kingdom was NOT about overthrowing political powers – but spiritual powers! For His kingdom would be “in us” – that no one can enter unless they are “born of the water and the Spirit” (John 3:5). I challenge you to look at those O.T. passages through a different lens! When it speaks of the coming glory of Jerusalem and Israel – see it as the coming kingdom that exists now, a kingdom that will be completed when our Lord returns … NOT to rule here – but to bring children to glory!! Jesus declared – “my kingdom is NOT of this world”        

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  • Jerry

    You are so correct — I think believers often think that the “Kingdom” will arrive when Christ returns, overlooking the reality that the Kimgsom is NOW & that Christ return will complete the Kingdom.

    By not recognizing that the Kingdom is “now” people can rob themselves of the joy we have been promised.

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