John 21

Our Lord that morning asked Peter three questions. On the surface it just looks like Jesus is repeating Himself, but it all has a point. This conversation is related back to the time that Peter denied Jesus three times. So, Jesus gives Peter three opportunities to reaffirm his love for the Lord. Yet what does Jesus mean when He asked Peter “love me more than these?” Again, I believe it is directly related back to the evening that Peter denied Jesus. If you recall it was Peter who boldly proclaimed: “Even if all fall away, I will not.”  A statement declaring that his love was greater than the rest of the apostles. I believe Jesus starts this conversation asking: “Peter is your love for me greater than the rest of the apostles?” And to Peter’s credit he was not willing to again make such a bold and rash statement, so his reply was more humble this time! Jesus in His question used the word “agape” for love – a love that sacrifice and puts the needs of other first; it is the word that describes God’s love. Peter realizing his failings was not willing to place his love on that plain so he choose the Greek “phileo” – the love of affection and friendship. This conversation was all about restoring and reinstating Peter to a place of service in our Lord’s kingdom!


  • Jerry

    I have always found Jesus’s response to Peter when Peter asks about John’s future in v. 21 to be reassuring. We are to look at our own relationship with the Lord and recognize that Jesus will take care of the relationship of others.

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