John 6

Many who heard what Jesus taught were turned off by what He was saying! He told them that one must drink the blood of Jesus and eat His flesh. It seems that many were taking Jesus’ words to be literal – that one had to be a cannibal to be a disciple of Jesus. This was not what Jesus meant by what He was teaching! Some take this to be an allusion to the Lord Supper – but in context this is also a misunderstanding of what Jesus was teaching. So, what was Jesus teaching? He tells us clearly in verse 63 that what He was teaching was spiritual in nature and not physical. That one eats the flesh of the Son of man and drinks His blood by taking in Jesus’ teachings, that we devour them and make them a part of our lives! “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.” John 6:63

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  • Jerry

    Of the three significant episodes in Jesus ministry discussed in Chapter 6 — the feeding of the 5000 men, the walking on water, and the teaching on what it takes to have eternal life — it is the teaching on eternal life that has always been difficult to me to comprehend. I think part of it is because if I were there I could “put my hands on” the first two miracles as they were physical. Just like the crowds that were following Jesus the teaching on what it takes to achieve eternal life may have confused me. I thank God that we have the complete and inspired word of God that helps me “fill in” the true teaching.

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