John 9

The disciples looked at this blind man and wondered who’s sins were responsible for this man’s blindness. They assumed his blindness was a form of punish for somebody’s sin, yet Jesus noted that their assumption was wrong! Jesus introduced another reason why this blind man was there in front of Him at this moment in time, to display the work of God to him and others. A better translation of the text is: “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him.” (NKJV) Jesus does not really comment on the cause of the man’s blindness, but does say that the blindness will be used to reveal “the works of God.” This resulted in the blind man becoming a disciple and the Pharisees being taught a lesson on spiritual blindness. God rarely answers the “why” question – but He does call upon all of us to remain faithful and focused upon Him no matter the hand we are dealt in life. For like this blind man – God will use a life that is faithful to Him for GOOD! (Rom. 8:28) This is a lesson most of us know, but as we encounter the struggles of life each of us needs to be reminded from time to time of this truth, for it is easy if we are not careful, to get lost in the pain and struggles of life!

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