Jude in our reading adds to the voices of Peter, Paul, and John in their latter letters, beware of the danger that exists within the church. Jude reminds his brethren and us that the truth had been established “once for all” but there will always be those that will come into the church and teach false doctrine. As Peter also noted, the danger they pose comes both from the doctrines they teach and from the influence of the sinful lives they live! Jude declares that the Lord will judge them, but the Lord’s church must be on guard at all times to stand against this ever present danger!
“In a culture that is increasingly apathetic or even antagonistic toward the Christian faith, in an era when pluralism and acceptance are the only ultimate virtues, we need to hear Jude’s reminder that there are times the faith must be defended. In Jude’s day as well as our own, that defense calls us to oppose false teaching, to live lives of faith and love, to pray in the Spirit, and to save those who falter.” (College Press)


  • missliz

    There are those who try to hijack the church by distorting the gospel to suit themselves or the world better. Many of the distortions deal with discipleship and the authority of Jesus and our disobedience. Rather than trying our best not to be disobedient, we are quick to say that grace will cover it. The Spirit empowers us to make the right choices and on the occasion when we do not take advantage of God’s tools, asking forgiveness, his grace covers us. Jude is speaking to Christians in his letter.

  • Jerry

    In addition to Peter, Paul, John and Jude warning the church about the oncoming of “false teachers” our Lord, himself, raised a warning. To me this repeated warning highlights that false teachers and leaders will continue to invade the church and we must be on guard and, as Liz wrote, make the “right choices.”

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