Mark 10

The scene found in Mark 10:13-16 is precious! What lessons do you see in Jesus’ encounter with the children? What stood out for you as you read this chapter?


  • Jerry

    One item that stood out to me is the contrast. No sooner had Jesus taught them about having an attitude of a “little child” then he encounters a man with great wealth who will not change his attitude. Then, we see James and John ask for positions of power & the other apostles become “indignant.”

  • katehefty

    I’m thinking of one little girl at school who I have never worked with, but when she walked in looking shy and a little nervous, I learned her name and greet her by name whenever I see her. She now comes over to me often with a big hug. Our King has each of our names written on the palm of his hand. I know he wants me to approach him with hugs and trust just like that little girl.

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