Mark 12

Jesus had an encounter with the Sadducees (they did not believe in the resurrection, or spirit, etc…) and they posed a question to Jesus to trip Him up. Yet as we see all through this chapter Jesus did a masterful job of handling all the questions! Jesus’ reply to the Sadducees gives us a window into life after death and the resurrection. What can we learn from Jesus’ reply to the Sadducees? How do you envision our existence after the resurrection?


  • Jerry

    To me Jesus’s reply ties perfectly into Paul’s description of the “resurrection body” in 1 Corinthians 15:35-58. We will be different (but better) & we can not even envision what God has prepRed for us.

    I have always smiled when I read v.34 in this Chapter of Mark. None of the Pharisees, Saducees, teachers, scribes, Herodians, etc. , dared to ask him any more questions – Jesus wisdom totally won the debate & the people.

  • missliz

    I ,for one, am looking forward to a body that is different and does not fail. I know heaven will be beyond any beautiful thing I have ever seen here on earth but I am most looking forward to experiencing the light of His glory. I love how light makes me feel now and can only imagine what it feels like to be enveloped by His pure light.

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