Mark 13

“If he comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping” The warning that Jesus gives us here is a reminder that His return will come at anytime! I am struck by the warning “do not let him find you sleeping!” Falling a sleep spiritually implies that we have become complacent about our spiritual walk. We are no longer focused on investing in our spiritual growth. Things like prayer, bible study, worship,and service take a back seat to the many activities of life. Satan lulls us into thinking Jesus’ return is not anything I need to be worried about today, I have too much to do! Yet, the warning over and over again is “therefore keep watch” because just when we begin to get drowsy spiritually – we will hear the trumpet call of God – and then it is too late! What do you think?

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  • missliz

    As His child, God does not want me to walk around anxious in this world. The rest of the world is filled with fear, anxiety and no peace. If I stay connected to His power sources of prayer, Word study, worship and service, I will remain in His peace and share that with the people around me. I am asking God to focus and train my mind to follow the prompts of the Holy Spirit because His promise is that the Holy Spirit will deliver His message in and through me. I would like to recognize more opportunities in the moment. Any suggestions out there???

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