Mark 4

The parable found in Mark 4:26-29 is unique to Mark, put in your own words what you believe this parable it teaching. How would you apply the truth in this parable to your daily life? Join the conversation.


  • katehefty

    There is a contemporary Christian song that says “God is God, and I am not.” To me, this verse is saying I need to spread the good news and what it has done for me, and then let God handle the rest. If it weren’t for the Spirit moving in others, nothing I could do or say would make any difference, and I have no control over the Spirit in others. On a daily basis, I work with kids to try to influence them to make better choices. I try to teach them coping skills (and any good coping skill or piece of advice is based on biblical principles). I often feel there is something lacking in me when the kids don’t take advantage of what I am teaching them, or if they see things differently from their childlike egocentric perspective. I need to stop taking their responses personally and trust God that in my work and in my personal relationships with others, He is the one that produces the growth.

  • Kaylee

    At times in my life I find myself around non believers. And when the conversation about Christ or any thing of the sort comes up I found myself ingoring what they say and not speaking up about the truth. I found that I do this because I don’t want to turn them away to the idea of Christ and I don’t want to be disliked. Reading this verses shows me that I need to speak up about the truth and what I know and let God do the rest. But also to do it in a loving way.

  • missliz

    What is God expecting of me? To walk humbly along with him. If I walk in His light my life will reflect His justice, compassion and love. My prayer is for His courage to be present in my life so that my voice and my actions will be salted with His gospel. It is God’s to examine each heart and grow faith according to how receptive the heart is to His message.

  • Jerry

    I tie into the thoughts already shared by everyone else — it is my responsibility to use the talents God has given me to speak the word with grace & humility when I can. God will take care of the rest. But I cannot neglect my responsibility

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