Mark 5

In our reading today Mark shows us a picture of Jesus that should blow us away! For Jesus casted out a legion of demons, healed a woman suffering for 12 years, and raised a little girl from the dead! The most asked question about this chapter is often related to demon possession. Brother Coffman made this statement: “Demon possession may not be identified merely as mental disorders, or various kinds of sickness, because a differentiation between them is clearly made in the gospels. Furthermore, the conversations Jesus carried on with demons, their recognizing him as ‘Son of God Most High,’ and his addressing them as personal cannot be adequately explained as a mere accommodation on the part of the Lord to superstitions of his contemporary generation. The integrity of the sacred gospels as history must be set aside in any view that denies the reality of demon possession in the New Testament.” (Coffman’s Bible Commentary) Would you agree or disagree and why?


  • katehefty

    Understanding demons is one of those things I’ve kind of resigned myself to not understanding. And that’s ok. I have no doubt they existed and that Jesus had authority over them. No, I don’t think they were mental disorders like the mental health issues we see today, although some of the behaviors are similar. We hear about demons mostly when Christ was alive here on earth. Is there record of them earlier? When Nebuchadnezzar had his breakdown, was that similar? I looked up demon in the dictionary that I found in my Bible Gateway app and it suggested the demons were the angels who rebelled and were cast out of heaven. Thoughts? Another question – did demon possession take away free will? Maybe override free will? Fascinating subject! Probably going to ask about it when I get to heaven! (Jerry, one of your questions is gnats? Fleas? One of those little buggers, I recall!) have a good day, everyone.

  • Kaylee

    As a person who has worked in the field with mental health for over a year now I would have to agree that demons are not menfested in that aspect but have similar behaviors. I have so many questions on demons and how Satan can attack people. I don’t know if agree or disagree with demon possison in the new tesmemt I need to read more on it.

  • missliz

    Demon possession truly is a fascinating topic to talk about. I am one who believes with all my heart that demon possession exists today because of the ongoing unseen spiritual warfare that surrounds us. Can a demon possess a child of God? No, however, I do believe unbelievers can open themselves up to the possession of demons and be used by Satan. This is one of the reasons why God forbids us to dabble in Spiritism of any sort. I do believe that demon possession is different from mental illness, although at times the actions are the same. I suspect the world of psychiatry is hard pressed to separate the two at times. Similarly, if a secular psychiatrist were asked to explain the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit, it would be difficult. I do wish God had chosen to provide more information but He didn’t, only to trust Him when He says “Hands Off!!”

  • Jerry

    I agree with everyone who has mentioned that demons may not manifest themselves today as they did in Jesus day. However, i do believe that they exist. If not why would Paul tell us in Ephesians 6:12 to put on our “full armor of God” because our true battle is against the “powers of the dark world & against the spiritual forces of evil …”

    I do ponder as Kate did if we can allow demons to enter via our “free will” & are then the subject to the consequences? Like Liz wrote — we should not even “dabble” with spiritualism.

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