Mark 6

Over and over again Jesus put the disciples in situations that stretched their faith. When Jesus sent them on a mission and they could not take any food, when He challenged them to feed the 5,000, and when they faced the storm on the lake. Each time Jesus challenged them to expand the horizons of their faith! What about you, have there been times when God placed you in a situation that required you to stretch and expand your faith?


  • Kaylee

    I am faced in a situation now we’re I have to place my faith and trust in Jesus. I have a situation with a really good friend. Somewhere down the rode things became wrong in our friendship and we went our sepreate ways. We haven’t talked for about eight months now and my desire is to reconnect with this friend. Jesus is asking me to trust in him for this and to have faith but I am struggling in that. I am worrying about if I let go of the friendship if I will get it back and I am worried that this friend is still upset at me. I have tried a few times to reach out and I have only found myself being disappointed.

    • Artie Shaffer

      The hard thing about faith is that when we place a matter in God’s hands we have to trust the answer. It might be what we want – but we have to accept the answer, I have often found that when I finally accept the answer and truly trust Him is when doors open up.

  • missliz

    I feel like the last two years of health challenges have demanded that I look to God to grow my faith exponentially. While none of us have the guarantee of tomorrow, it seems that I ,in particular, have been made to face that fact daily sometimes hourly as thoughts of disease dominate my thinking. Doing what I can do to live a healthy lifestyle and yet having a disease that will do what it wants to do regardless makes me train my eyes on the Father. When I look away, the fear of the unknown creeps in and robs me of my peace. No matter what is going on with my body , I still want to be Liz, not one defined by sickness and disease. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow but I do know that I am not alone.

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