Mark 9

Mark 9:49-50 are very difficult passages to understand! The key word is salt and yet it seems to be used in two to three different ways. To be “salted with fire” – to me get across the idea that God’s people will at some time have to face hardships and trials (the fire in the text). The concept of salt is again used and the warning is not to “lose our saltiness,” which was common because the salt used then was not pure. Most likely this is talking about our godly influence on the world around us. When Jesus said have “salt in yourselves” He seems to be implying that same godly influence needs to be ever present in our lives, the result of God’s influence and presence in our lives will have a direct influence on our relationships. That is what I think – what do you think?


  • katehefty

    Agreed. To put it simply, adding even a little salt can make a bland food so much better. Hopefully just our presence and the spirit we bring with us – the spirit that indwells us – will have the same impact on what others might be perceiving as a bland situation. We should radiate the breath of fresh air that comes with the Spirit of God and Christ.

  • Kaylee

    I agree. I like the verse that says salted with fire. Sometimes the world things that just because we are Christians we won’t be faced with trails, but that isn’t the case at all. Even though it’s hard sometimes to be faced with trails, it’s good, because it can test your faith. And if you can still trust God through it you know your faith is strong. This is a good example to share with others as well. Because when you go through something and come through it trusting in Jesus no one can mess with your story. They may not believe in Jesus,but they can’t change your story and what happened.

  • missliz

    God is going to allow us to suffer many things in life as part of his purifying process. In doing so, we are refined and made into a more acceptable sacrifice pleasing to Him.
    The addition of salt is Christ’s spirit abiding in us, flavoring us, making us pleasing in a dark, tasteless world. With it’s addition we can live at peace with God, ourselves and the the rest of the world, hopefully, leaving it a better place.

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