Today is a day to pause and reflect over our readings. I was struck in our readings how strongly Jesus drove the point “if you love Me you will what I command.” It is sad that Christianity for many is not about obeying Jesus and more about praise and feeling spiritual. I think it is very interesting that the “old hymns” focused more on remaining faithful in the struggles of life where the “new hymns” focus more on praise and little on obedience. Often those of us that stress being obedient to Jesus are charged with being legalistic. Of course, when they make that charge they have no idea what it means to be legalistic according to scripture. For our readings get across that we display our love for Jesus by being obedient to His word – if that is being legalistic … count me in! By the way, I am glad that we sing both the “old and new hymns,” – for our walk needs to be filled with both praise and obedience!!

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  • katehefty

    Sometimes I work with our elementary students and ask them to tell me what specific words mean. I have been surprised and disappointed that most of them are unable to tell me what obey means, and when I ask, most of them have not even heard the word. Obedience is not a bad word, regardless of what society teaches!

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