Today is a day to meditate on our readings this past week. The gospel has now spread to the Gentiles and Paul is now playing a major role in spreading the kingdom.

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  • Carol

    Acts 14. Sorry if this got posted 2xs On stoning on Paul and he got up!
    Even though he was bruised (like us) hurt (like us). He continued back to the town (God had still more for him to do). He knew his purpose as we should. He remembered his converstion, he was convicted, and had confidence thru the Holy Spirit.
    So when u feel like complaining, blaming and groaning remember these 3 C’s. We have the same power as he did. And let others see what God has done for us.
    On Jerry comment on Barnabus I though the same. But I read somewhere that Paul was the speaker to the crowd mostly and he was a Jew (who these leaders were and wanted to stone him).

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