Reflections to consider

Are you all in? Have you bet the ranch on Jesus Christ? If you’re single, are you all in when it comes to your sexual purity and your holiness? All in concerning what you see and what you hear? How about marriage? Have you bet the ranch? Do you need to say to your spouse all over again, “I am all in with this relationship, and no matter what else happens, it’s going to be ’til death do us part”? Are you all in with your money? Are all your chips on the table when it comes to doing Christ’s work? That is what following Jesus means. Jesus’s call, first to his disciples and today to us, is to be all in. You may remember studying the explorer Hernando Cortés in school. He was from Spain, and in 1519 he came to Mexico and landed at Veracruz. He had been given orders to conquer the land and to build a colony. When all of his men were off the boats, he did something for which he has been remembered for almost five hundred years. He burned all his boats. He looked at his men and said, “We will either win this victory or we will die, but we are not going back.” Do you know what he did? He bet the ranch. He was all in. There is only one way to follow Jesus Christ: burn the boats, bet the ranch, and go all in. (52 Weeks with Jesus)

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