Reflections to consider

When something is “atoned,” it is paid for. Something is satisfied or a debt is taken care of. And what’s satisfied in Jesus’s atonement for our sins is the justice of God. This may sound surprising, but the cross was not primarily for us. The cross was primarily for God the Father. Since the blood of animals was merely a credit payment, and only symbolic, Christ died to make that final and full payment to satisfy the justice of God. He did for us exactly what he did for Barabbas. Before you and I were even born, before this world was even created, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit agreed that Jesus would take our punishment so that God could acquit us and still be justified in doing so. As the world poured out its wrath upon Jesus Christ, at his trial and at his death, God’s wrath against our sin was completely released upon Christ at the cross. The cross was all about three words: mercy, justice, grace. God’s mercy deferred payment for sin. God’s justice demanded payment for sin. God’s grace delivered payment for sin. (52 Weeks with Jesus)

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