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Much of this world does not take Jesus Christ seriously because they don’t understand why he died. Most of us know where Jesus died: outside the city of Jerusalem. Most of us know when he died: roughly around AD 30. Most of us know how he died: by crucifixion. But pause to consider why he died. As we discussed last week, the Passover was the first time that the blood of animals, painted over the door frames of Hebrew homes, was used to spare the lives of God’s people. When the death angel that God sent would see the blood, he would “pass over” the house and everyone inside would be safe. God would later institute a formal system of animal sacrifice to cover sin. Sin was an enemy too big for anybody to fight. It was a war too great for anybody to win—until the warrior came. This warrior used the only weapon that could defeat sin and death and bruise the devil, who caused it all. Though the people did not realize it yet, that weapon was not a sword or a spear or an arrow. It was a cross. This warrior performed the ultimate act any soldier can: he gave his life for the freedom of others. (52 Weeks with Jesus)

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