Reflections to consider

In 1927 near Cape Cod, an S-4 Navy submarine was accidentally rammed by a Coast Guard cutter, sending it immediately to the bottom of the bay. The entire crew was trapped. Every effort was made to rescue them, but every effort failed. Near the end of the four-day attempt to bring these men to the surface, a diver placed his helmeted ear to the side of the vessel and heard a man tapping Morse code from inside. This was the last question he heard: “Is… there… any… hope?” Jesus is the only person in human history who answers this question. Because Christ has faced and overcome death, he gives hope to all of us. And not just the hope that there is life after death, but also that there is life after life—that is, Jesus proved there is more to life than just this life. Much more! Everyone needs hope. We need hope that our life matters today, but we also need hope that there is more to life than this life tomorrow. Everybody wants to know that they matter. We want to know that our life makes a difference here on earth and that somehow life continues after our journey on earth is over. Every human being on this planet longs for significance and security. Nobody knows that better than the God who made us, which is why he sent Jesus. (52 Weeks with Jesus)

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