A Reflection to consider

“Like Hansel and Gretel, Jesus drops bread crumbs along the path to knowing him. He offers us symbols, images, pictures, and clues to remind us that he is more than skin and bones. Though he is human, he is not like your next-door neighbor or cranky landlord. He is far different—better—than they. Jesus uses seven “I Am” statements in the Gospel of John to share the intricate folds of his personality and identity. They help us understand not only who he is but also what he wants to be for us.”
52 Weeks with Jesus


  • katehefty

    I like that analogy of the bread crumbs, as we piece together all the little and not so little reflections of God working in our lives. One of my aha moments in reading scripture came with Mark 6:52. The disciples were in disbelief when Jesus came to them walking on water. This verse explains that they had not gained insight from the incident with the loaves, but their hearts were hardened. From that I take that if I am not contemplating the events that happen around and through me, through the eyes of one looking for God’s hand, I have a hardened heart. I pray that I am always open to seeing things through the eyes of a believer, whether or not I understand it.

  • missliz

    I agree with the previous comments. The early church had it’s prejudices and preconceived notions not unlike our bodies today. Is it hardened hearts, yes in many cases, but perhaps also part of the growing into Christ experience? God knows where each heart is in it’s journey and His Spirit works with each individual understanding that God’s word is the complete and final word. I ,too, want to see the world through the Father’s eyes and never think I have arrived but ask that I have a heart and mind to be receptive to the leading of His Spirit. May we give each other the grace needed to journey along together.

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