Revelation 16

Our reading reminds us of the of the judgement and plagues that God brought upon Egypt. The image that God will inflict seven plagues (judgments) on them for their sins is classic O.T. imagery – that God’s judgment will be complete! We remind ourselves yet once more that this is deeply and powerfully symbolic language. This is obvious when it comes to angels pouring out bowls of wrath. Just as God previously acted in faithfulness by bring justice to bear on Egypt and Babylon, He will do the same with Rome! Did you note in the reading of the voices that responded to God’s wrath from the altar? Those are the martyrs from chapter six and their question to God is now being answered!

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  • Jerry

    … and just like Pharoah vv. 11 & 21 tell us that the plagues did not convince the people to repent! To me this is an insight into how “hardened” the hearts of the people were.

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