Revelation 19

Our reading is a glorious victory party! In the dark days when the saints were suffering and dying for their faith at the hands of Rome, our Lord’s message was “be patient and remain faithful, in the end you will win!” See, the rider on the horse, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, is truly running things so we need not worry! For He destroyed the beast and those who have worshipped the beast (Rome) and offers their flesh to the birds of the sky as a terrible feast. The birds gorge on their flesh. Note the contrast and irony of the two feasts, one the messianic banquet which the faithful saints enjoy, the other the feast of the vultures on the flesh of the unfaithful worshippers of the beast! The birds gorge on this flesh in a horrible scene! So great and terrifying is God’s judgment on Rome. The point is, Do you want to enjoy the messianic banquet of Jesus, or be the feast of the vultures?
Merry Christmas!

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