Revelation 21

What is promised those who are faithful and have overcome will be truly amazing! We will be removed from this life of pain, sorrow,and death! Satan will no longer be around to torment God’s people. Everything will be NEW! John is saying, it’s like this, but much, much more! The new heaven and new earth will be new in a new way; newness itself will be renewed, so that instead of a mere transition within ongoing human life, what God has planned will be the renewal of all things. The people of God are going to be provided for and protected by Him. They are the ”overcomers.” Overcoming is a key thought. It is seen at the end of every letter to the seven churches. In Rev. 12 the saint overcame . . . by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. In the end, those who overcome will inherit all this! The image of Jerusalem conveyed it was the dwelling for all God’s people, with the 12 gates of Israel and the 12 apostles as it’s foundation. This is our true home!

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  • Jerry

    Even before I became a follower I had read these verses and was awed by verse 6 from a scientific point of view. Alpha and Omega — the beginning & the end is so powerful — how could something/someone truly be the actual Beginning with no other entity to create them? How could something truly be the final end and not leave something behind — at least a trace?

    I did not understand Revelation but from these words I began to develop a wonder at the power & glory of God.

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