Revelations 10

Our reading is more of a transition to the coming message and is a series of pictures. The vision of a mighty angel, the seven thunders, and a little book. John did not record what the thunders said because he heard a voice from heaven commanding him not to write their words down. This first vision said judgment would come without any further warnings. The second vision was of the little book that was open in the hand of an angel. John was told to take the book and eat it. The book was sweet in his mouth but bitter in his stomach. The Word of God is always sweet in the reception, but if it deals with judgment it can make the stomach bitter. This book will remind us a number of times that God is both a God of tremendous love and salvation, but He is also a God of judgment!


  • missliz

    One commentator reminds us that we will win if we overcome through perseverance. He also reminds us that winning will not be a walk in the park but rather a victory through severe persecution in the end.

  • Jerry

    My study Bible referenced Ezekiel 3 when the little scroll is mentioned. I Read the passage in Ezekiel and it is certainly a parallel event. The people of Israel’s hearts were hardened in Ezekiel and yet Ezekiel was called to prophesy. We see John being told that he will need to do the same …

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