Revelations 4

What an amazing scene! Revelations written to a people who were being killed and oppressed for their faith needed to hear a message of hope. Chapter four presents to us the throne of God! We see many of the images presented to us in Isaiah 6:2-3 and Ezekiel 1:4-13 when both Isaiah and Ezekiel when shown the throne of God when they faced dark days. Don’t get lost in the images but realize the message this picture sends. See uppermost in this heavenly scene is the holiness and sovereignty of God! John and the churches in Asia (as do all Christians) needed to see and understand the majesty, holiness, and sovereignty of God. For no matter how dark things get and no matter how great the forces that oppose us, God is bigger, God is grander, God is more powerful, than ANYTHING they or we have to face in this life!! For when our image of God grows to the reality of His presence, then we will discover the amazing power there is in trusting God! For no matter how great the obstacle or problem our God is greater and more powerful!!

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