Revelations 5

John present presents to them and us the vision of the “Lamb slain” who is Jesus. The only answer for mankind’s problem and the ONE worthy to redeem mankind. With Jesus is the seven Spirits, a better translation would be the sevenfold Spirit which by all indications is the Holy Spirit. As our reading closes there is an explosion of praise for our Lord! Just think, it is by the blood of this Lamb we are now a Kingom, we are now Royal Priests, and we are now reigning. For when we get these two images presented in chapters four and five in our heads and hearts, we come to realize the power behind Paul’s words: “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8:31)


  • missliz

    I love the way the Message describes the Spirit. The Spirit is referred to as the Wind Words flowing through the churches, us. I think of the Spirit as God’s presence flowing around me and permeating through me, protecting me, encouraging me, teaching me, loving me. It helps me understand why those attending and surrounding the throne in heaven would fall to their knees in praise and worship.

  • Jerry

    As I read this time I am trying to focus on something different in the Book. In my past readings I had been fixated on wanting to know the meaning behind all of the symbols in John’s writing. In many ways in trying to focus on the details I think I lost “the forest for the trees.”

    This time I am just reading as if listening to the images presented and John’s best attempt inspired by the Holy Spirit to describe the Glory of God. It is a remarkable scene!

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