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Sunday, January 31 st

Prayer focus topic—Glory of GodPrayer points—As Jesus prayed that God’s name would be hallowed, let us also pray that God’sname would be honored and glorified. Pray that all we do and all we ask for and all we pray forwill ultimately serve the purpose of glorifying God in heaven. Pray that our lives would be

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Saturday, January 30 th

Prayer focus topic—ThanksgivingPrayer points—Take today to focus on giving thanks in prayer. Thank God for the abundantphysical and spiritual blessings he has given in the past year and the ones he gives us each day.Pray that he will help us to always have hearts of gratitude toward him.

Friday, January 29 th :

Prayer focus topic—Churches of Christ in New EnglandPrayer points—Let’s focus in prayer on our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in New England.Pray that God will bless the churches of New England and will help them grow and reach outwith the gospel. Pray for continued unity, fellowship, and encouragement among the churches inthis region. Pray

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Thursday, January 28 th

Prayer focus topic—EnemiesPrayer points—As Jesus commanded us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecuteus, let us spend this day specifically praying for those who are opposed to us. Think about thosepersonally and broadly who might be classified in your mind as an enemy: maybe a co-worker,or even a family member, or someone

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Wednesday, January 27 th

Prayer focus topic—Goat Ministry in IndiaPrayer points—Thank God that we get to be a small part of the goat ministry that helps widowsin India. Pray that God would bless our efforts and our funds and that all that we give will beused wisely for the sake of those in need. Pray for those widows that

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Tuesday, January 26 th

Prayer focus topic—Widows and OrphansPrayer points—We know that one of God’s plans for the Church is to take care of widows andorphans. Pray for God’s help as we seek to do that this year. Pray that we as the Church will lookfor ways to support the children who are most vulnerable in our community, country,

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Monday, January 25 th

Prayer focus topic—Free DayPrayer points—Let’s pray that God would bless Free Day this year. Thank God for theopportunity to serve others, and ask for God’s help that the items we give and the service werender will bear fruit for his kingdom and display the light and love of Jesus. Pray also for thevarious benevolence works

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Sunday, January 24 th

Prayer focus topic—Unbelieving/ Unfaithful Family MembersPrayer points—Today, let’s focus on praying for our immediate and distant relatives who do notknow Christ or who have strayed from God. Pray that we can have wisdom and courage to reachout with the truth of God’s Word to those we love. Ask that these will be drawn closer to

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Saturday, January 23 rd

Prayer focus topic—Covid ConcernsPrayer points—Let’s pray on this day about the many concerns we have related to Covid. Prayfor the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines. Pray for the safety and health of all, especiallythose most vulnerable to the virus. Pray for those grieving. Pray for those struggling financially.Ask God to help us know how

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Friday, January 22 nd

Prayer focus topic—Community service opportunitiesPrayer points—Pray today for open doors to serve the community. Ask that God would help ussee the ways that we can meet the needs of those around us in a way that truly helps and drawspeople closer to Christ. Pray that we can find even more ways this year to be

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Thursday, January 21 st

Prayer focus topic—Recently baptized believersPrayer points—Pray today for those in our Church family who have been recently baptized andare newer to the faith. Thank God for the example that they are to all of us. Pray that God willhelp them grow in grace and knowledge and that he will strengthen all of us to encourage

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Wednesday, January 20 th

Prayer focus topic—Government leadershipPrayer points—Focus in prayer on our leaders at the various levels of government: our president,members of congress, our governor, and state and local officials. Pray that God will grant themwisdom to make righteous choices. Pray that we will have the humility to humbly submit to allgoverning authorities so that we can live

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Tuesday, January 19 th

Prayer focus topic—Decisions to follow ChristPrayer points—We focus this day’s prayer on those who are considering making the decision tofollow Christ and put him on in baptism. We especially want to pray for the kids and teens whoare considering this important topic so that they will be granted wisdom and courage. Pray thatwe as the

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Monday, January 18 th

Prayer focus topic—The Women of the ChurchPrayer points—Thank God on this day for all of the faithful women in our Church. Pray that theywill continually be able to stay connected and fellowship with one another, especially during thispandemic. Pray that the mature women will continually guide and teach the younger women asthey grow. Pray that

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Sunday, January 17 th

Prayer focus topic—Active-duty MilitaryPrayer points—The focus of this day’s prayer is on those currently serving in our military. Prayfor their safety and success. Pray for their families and the difficulties they endure. Thank Godfor these men and women and for the great sacrifices they make. Pray that God will continuallybless them and their families.

Saturday, January 16 th :

Prayer focus topic—VeteransPrayer points—Let us pray on this day for the many Veterans in our nation. Let us thank God forthe faithful service they have given to our nation, and let us ask that God would continually blessand protect this group.

Friday, January 15 th

Prayer focus topic—Shut-ins/Those in isolationPrayer points—Today, we want to focus our prayers on those in our Church family who are inisolation, who are unable to get out much during this time. Pray that they will continuallyremember the love and presence of God. Pray that we will be intentional about reaching out andencouraging them. Pray that

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Thursday, January 14 th

Prayer focus topic—Families of the ChurchPrayer points—On this day, let’s all pray for the various family units in the body. Pray that Godwill keep these families strong and faithful. Ask that God would help each married couple tolove and serve one another as God would have them, so they can display Christ’s love for theChurch

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Wednesday, January 13 th

Prayer focus topic—The Disabled CommunityPrayer points—Pray for those struggling with various disabilities. Pray that we will model love,inclusion, and compassion as Jesus did as they may often feel marginalized or forgotten. Let usask God to give us wisdom and strength to reach out and encourage in a way that meets needsand honors God.

Tuesday, January 12 th :

Prayer focus topic—Haitian brothers and sistersPrayer points—Let us thank God for our Haitian brothers and sisters and for the precious unitywe have in Christ. Pray that soon they will be able to return to meeting with us in the buildingwhen it is safe to do so. Pray for Delmond in the work he is doing,

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