Cape Cod church of Christ

Sunday Services

10:00 am ~ Bible classes for all ages
11:00 am ~ Worship
Our Sunday services take place at the church building, Directions & Map



Artie Shaffer

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Thank you for visiting our web site! While you are here, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us for Bible study and worship service!

For directions to our church building, click on the "Directions" link.

In case you are not familiar with us at the Cape Cod Church of Christ, we are a non-denominational, Bible-believing and teaching group of Christians who desire to be faithful followers of God's beloved son, Jesus Christ. We recognize no other guide for Christian faith and practice than the Bible, believing it to be the authoritative revelation of God. We firmly believe that salvation is found only in Jesus Christ. Those who believe in him need to repent, confess their sins and be baptized into his name, in order to consummate a relationship with God.

Our worship services are uplifting, emphasizing biblical instruction, the remembrance of Christ death and resurrection, acappella singing and mutual edification.


Bible Reading Challenge 2018


Become a Daily Bible Reader in 2018

As we approach 2018 I would like to encourage you to be a Daily Bible Reader in 2018.

It is not about how much you read, I just want to suggest that you take time out of your

busy schedule each day to encounter God and His word. To add a fresh perspective to our “Daily Reading Posts,”

Jerry Hiatt has agreed to post comments about our readings each day on our website and Facebook page.

Sunday, we will announce the reading schedule that Jerry will be using and have copies for you

to use if you wish to read along with Jerry and myself this year (more details will be forth coming on Sunday).

So, take the challenge, join Jerry and myself or choose your own reading schedule,

choose a time and date to begin, and become a Daily Bible Reader in 2018!

I hope you will join us in this journey, the readings begin Sunday.

* The reading schedule is in the foyer or I can email it to you.

Schedule of Our Events 


Programs We Offer

Fellowship theme: “Lunch Box Sunday”

The theme for our fellowship meal on 9/30/18 will be “Lunch Box Sunday.”

You are requested to bring your favorite lunch that you brought to school growing up.

There is a sign-up sheet with suggestions of things you might bring.

Any questions see Nick & Marnie


Men’s Retreat at Craigville Retreat Center 

Date: October 12-13

The signup sheet is on the second bulletin board.

The schedule & info that you will need is in the foyer.

The charge is a flat $40 which includes 3 meals, if that is a problem we will find a way to cover it.

We will be discussing: “A Man and His Design”

Any questions contact Artie.


Upcoming Dates

9/28/18 – FFF – Hike around Hathaway pond – 5:45 PM

9/30/18- Missions contribution & fellowship meal

10/1/18 – Men’s business meeting 7 PM

10/12 – 10/13 Men’s retreat – Craigville Retreat Center

10/26-10/27 Women’s retreat – Craigville Retreat Center


Bible Studies & Meetings this week

Tuesday Bible Study 7:30 PM Shaffer’s home

“God’s Love story”

Prayer Warriors- Wednesday 6 AM

Celebrate Recovery - Wednesday 6:15 – 8:30 PM (building)

Thursday Bible Study – 7 PM

“Life of Christ”

Sunday morning Bible Class – 10 AM



Programs We Offer


Celebrate Recovery Wednesdays 6:15 - 8:15

The purpose of Cape Cod Church of Christ's "Celebrate Recovery" is to fellowship and celebrate God's healing power in our lives the 12 steps and 8 recovery principles.

Headed by William Walker, Licensed Christian Counselor, more about William Walker,