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Gardner Report March, 2019

Greetings from the Green Mountains!

Well it’s mud season in Vermont. That delightful time of the year when our back roads turn to
rutted mud. Our paved roads become a gauntlet of frost heaves and pot holes and the repair shops
thrive on alignments. Right now, Sharon and I are working on plans for a report trip beginning right
after she does the Ladies Day in Bennington on May 4 th . We are going to take off on the 6 th and be
in Arkansas for a report at the Beebe church of Christ and enjoy our grandson, Ethan’s graduation.
He is a bright young man graduating with top honors but we are even more proud of him for his
commitment to the Lord and involvement with the youth group there. As soon as we get done at
the graduation we take off for Alabama where I will be reporting to three of our supporting
congregations in the Florence area. We have personal reasons for wanting to be there (as it happens)
on Mother’s Day because Sharon wants to be there with her sister to honor their mother, Jane. Jane
is a faithful member of the Cox Blvd. church of Christ where I will be giving one of my reports on
the work here in the Upper Valley. After squeezing in the Alabama reports we will make our way
back up to Tennessee to touch base with two couples who have been our long time, faithful
supporters in Henderson and then press on to Knoxville. My daughter Cara and her husband also
support our work but we are also going there for a more personal reason. After being the parents of
six fine sons, God (unexpectedly) has blessed them with an August arrival of something very
different in their household. They are expecting a little girl. I am sure she will be much loved and
protected by her six big brothers. Sharon is hoping to be there for the shower. Anyway…with all
that upcoming info out of the way, we commit it to God’s hands and pray for a good report trip.

As for the work here in the Upper Valley I want to get you caught up on Andy, the Catholic young
man I got to study with after potluck dinner a month ago. As I had proposed to him, we did meet at
Chilies one evening, had supper together and talked. Almost as soon as we began our discussions, he
let me know he had no intention of leaving the Catholic church. I was disappointed but that
admission left me wide open to teach him (rather uncompromisingly) the Gospel and the truth
about “the church” and the nature of pure New Testament Christianity. Our discussion went on for
over two hours and I think the wait staff was getting a bit put out. Though I never intended to be
offensive, he ended (not outwardly) getting a bit “hot” and defensive about the Catholic church. I
was sure I would never hear from him again but two days later he sent me an email with his defense
and scriptures from a Catholic doctrine document he got on line, one of which was grossly out of
context. I have to finish up my response and have no idea if this will ever go anywhere but at least
he responded to out talks.

On a more positive note, the classes at Maplefields are going great. Ed and Mike and I have a class
on Tuesday mornings while Joe and Earl have a class with me on Tuesday/Thursday nights,
alternately. We have had to do it that way because of a Men’s class at the building every other
Tuesday night. In one of our recent classes on Tuesday morning I noticed an older woman working
the coffee dispensers and she seemed to linger down near us. She was listening. Finally, she came
over and told us how much she appreciated hearing a class going on about the Bible. Her name is
Liz Stoneman, originally from New York City, she now lives up in this area. She is a sweet lady and I
would love for Sharon and I to study with her. Thank you all for your love and support of the work here.

Your fellow servants,

Randy and Sharon Gardner